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Payment Information

Currently we accept Wire Transfers only

Be sure to include your order number so that we can apply the payment quickly and correctly:

Seller: UAB RBLD
Bank account: LT967300010117137371
AB Bankas Swedbank
Bank code: 73000
Include your order number

Please note that it may take up to a week for the money to reach our account and that almost all banks charge a fee to send money as an outgoing wire transfer. They take this fee from the amount of money you transfer. Be sure to check with your bank prior to sending funds for the cost of their service or your transfer will not be for the full amount due. If the amount transfer to us is not correct, you will have to send a second wire and pay a second fee. Please plan ahead to avoid this.

Information We currently do not support credit card processing or PayPal.

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Payment Information Payment Information