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reBuild.lt successfully cooperates with the partners from Lithuania and foreign countries. We are always open for new ideas and cooperation opportunities.
We offer you several cooperation schemes:

1. Import of your products to the reBuild.lt Online Store:
- Mutual cooperation agreement;
- Automatic import of products (XML format in most cases). Manual import is possible in exceptional cases;
- Key attributes for each product: ID, category, title, vendor, manufacturer part number (MPN), wholesale price, balance depot stock, warranty (if any), photo (if any), description (components, materials, dimensions).
2. Full or partial export of reBuild.lt products into your e-shop:
Reasons to try:
- Many stocks from different wholesalers is in one place;
- More than 23000 product positions;
- Wholesale prices.
- Mutual cooperation agreement.
3. Full or partial export of reBuild.lt products into price comparison or similar systems:
- Mutual agreement.

Please feel free to contact us if you have more cooperation ideas or see more cooperation opportunities.
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